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May 11, 2024

Brand Identity for my Couscious Kids Clothing Brand



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Vandana Kalagara


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Project title

Brand Identity for my Couscious Kids Clothing Brand

What services does this company offer?

We make conscious kids clothing that sparks joy for ages 0-6years

Project tasks

Brand Identity, Logo, Packaging, Website

Project Description

Keebee Brand PersonalityBrand Archetype•Archetype: Innocent. Innocent brands aim to remind you of all that is marvelous, happy, and wholesome in this world, aspiring to bring you back to paradise. They focus on finding happiness in any situation and see the good in everything and everyone.Keebee Brand Traits• Who We Are: Full of wonder, playful, funny/quirky, cheerful, nostalgic, wholesome, youthful.• Who We Are Not: Boring, conventional, serious, understated, mean.Human Needs Keebee Serve:1. Joy: Delight, playfulness, imagination, humor, spontaneity.2. Relatability: Nostalgia, shared human experiences, belief in a kind, simple, happy world.3. Safety: Honesty, purity.4. Self-Actualization: Sense of accomplishment.How Keebee Brand Should Make Customers Feel• Delighted and joyful.• Amused and entertained.• Nurtured (warm and fuzzy).• Validated (I did the right thing).Noteworthy Innocent Brands to Inspire Keebee• VW Beetle, Innocent Drinks, Method Cleaning Products.Noteworthy Innocent Brands That DON’T Apply to Keebee• Dove - Too safe, too boring, too nurturing.• Aveeno - Too mature, too understated.• Coca-Cola - Too vague, too generic.Language GuidelinesLanguage• Use evocative writing, simple words, and a distinct point of view.• Prefer short sentences and colloquial, cute words (e.g., bums, tushies, boops, cuddles, lovebug, munchkin, doggos).• Employ lots of asides like PS, in brackets, hint, spoiler alert, full disclosure etc.• Imperfect grammar is okay (e.g., starting a sentence with "but").Tone of Voice:• Cheerful, optimistic, nurturing, witty, playful.Brand Story:Welcome to the world of Keebee. A place where the sun always shines. And when it doesn’t, a rainbow definitely comes out to play. We’ve got so many oh-so-cute things to choose from, for gliding down the slide at the park, and playing hide n’ seek with cousins, to bedtime snuggles with daddy and sleepy mornings with cartoons. From our most loved, most comfortable baby dress, to our thoughtful essentials that is anything but basic, getting the kiddos dressed will be a breeze (even if the rest of the day is a storm!) Bonus: explore our signature, limited edition prints that you won’t find anywhere else. And our curated picks for cherished special occasions. But that’s just the three layered ice cream sundae. Then we add a dollop of whipped cream--- the cloud-like organic cotton fabric that we use so that every garment is even softer than the bottom wearing it. (OK, who are we kidding, THAT is asking the impossible). But honestly, each piece of clothing is so comfortable and easy to move in, you’re going to wish we made them for adults. And the cherry on top? Our founders are a pair of moms who know firsthand, just how good it feels to find something that is unique and high quality so that the kids look and feel great. Everything about Keebee will be delightful, easy and comforting. Pinky promise!Project:Brand Logo: Design a logo that encapsulates Keebee’s cheerful and innocent spirit, appealing to both children and their discerning parents.Brand Identity: Develop a vibrant visual identity, including color schemes, typography, and patterns that mirror our commitment to joy, quality, and eco-friendliness.Brand Elements: Create engaging brand elements such as packaging, website, and labels that ensure a cohesive and delightful brand experience, consistent with our promise of sparking joy and nurturing childhood innocence.


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