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Perfect your Design Skills with our weekly Design Brief! Join BRANDBRIEF™ and create awesome Brands with our fictional Brand Design Briefs. Stand out in the competitive world of design by joining our community today!

* An excerpt from the design briefs previously published on Instagram

* An excerpt from the design briefs previously published on Instagram

* An excerpt from the design briefs previously published on Instagram

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1. Join Us

Every week on Monday, a new design brief is released. To enter, simply upload your design to your Instagram account, tag us, and use the hashtag of the weekly brief.

2. Build a Brand

You have one week to create your version of the brief. We choose the best 4 and our followers will then vote for the winner. The first three places will be announced on the following days.

3. Show your Work

Seize the opportunity to gain online visibility, enhance your skills, and build your portfolio.

Enjoy participating!

What our designers made

They say about us

I just wanted to drop a quick message to say i love the work you're doing! Your briefs have helped me improve my skills massively and I love to see how other designers interpret them!

Keep it up 😊
brandbrief testimonial
I love brand brief. I wanted to submit mine but ended up talking to one of the girls who has won a few from the posts and she is doing my branding now!

Absolutely INCREDIBLE page. I would have never found so many awesome designers and I love that you showcase them!
brandbrief testimonial
Thank you for your work and the opportunities you give to us✨❤️
brandbrief testimonial

Build Brand DesignS

BRANDBRIEF™ Skill Up is a platform for graphic designers, students, and enthusiasts to improve their design skills by practicing brand briefings, showcasing their work, and being featured on Instagram and Behance.


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